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Everyone visits the west coast and many people also like to see the east coast, but a part of the U.S that should not be forgotten is the Midwest. There are many attractions and touristic spots to visit in the middle part of the U.S that are best seen by using a camper rental.

Flying from one spot to another may be possible, but there is something truly special about seeing the beautiful scenery while road tripping throughout the Midwest and it is most likely much cheaper than purchasing a flight to every city with an attraction that you may want to see.

These are our ideas on some of the best places that you should visit in the Midwest:

  • Chicago is up high on the list of must-visit places. Why is it so special? Chicago is known for its culture, arts, and fantastic restaurants, as well as being a city where you can enjoy biking, cool weather, and a fun nightlife. Sites that are popular for tourists to visit are the Cloud Gate Sculpture, the Shedd Aquarium, and Buckingham Fountain.

  • Once you get enough of the big city, another Midwest-ish attraction that you don’t want to miss out on is the Kentucky Horse Park. Whether you are traveling alone and really love horses or are traveling with your little ones, this may be the perfect destination for you. It is located in Lexington, Kentucky and has a large variety of different types of horse breeds, as well as museums and theaters. It’s a beautiful location and a perfect idea for those who want to bond with these gorgeous animals.

  • While on your Midwestern road trip, you won’t want to miss Mammoth Site of Hot Springs. If you are traveling with children, this destination will most likely be a highlight of the trip in South Dakota. It’s full of real skeletons of extinct creature and even has interesting clips about archaeology that you can enjoy as well.

  • Another stop to make while in South Dakota is Mount Rushmore. Make sure to take your hiking gear as there are plenty of caves and national parks to explore nearby.

  • In Wisconsin, you can go ahead and park your camper in the Jellystone Campground Parks and go hiking, play some miniature golf, or enjoy water slides. It’s the perfect resting spot for a break before you hit the open road again.

  • While on your road trip in the Midwest, you must stop to see the largest ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas. While it may not be the most exciting visit of your life, if you are road tripping throughout U.S, why not have some fun and see what the fuss is all about?

Whether you are traveling with your children or you want to see a lot of places while enjoying being out on the open road, traveling in a camper is one of the most interesting ways to take a road trip and get to know the Midwest in the best way possible.

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