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Right in the heart of the Australian desert, Alice Springs is a legendary stop for travelers moving through the middle of Australia. This frontier town offers outback experiences and cutting edge galleries in equal measure and is an interesting mix of Aboriginal and European histories, combining to form a place unlike any on Earth. Since Alice Springs sits right on the doorstep of the outback, it has long been a stopping point for travelers and backpackers on their way to their adventures and has now become an attraction in its own right. The unique landscape, history, and local colour make Alice Springs the perfect place to park your camper hire for several days of exploration and good times. There are many activities and attractions in the region, so take note of the below top attractions when planning your trip.

Helicopter Ride

One of the best ways to appreciate the Outback is to see it’s vastness and beauty from above. There are a number of services offering helicopter rides out over the nearby Outback territory, including the West MacDonnell ranges, Uluru, and Kings Canyon. Not only will you experience this exquisite scenery but you will also witness an abundance of wildlife including eagles, camels, and the famous wallaby.

Alice Springs Telegraph Station

If you would like to explore the Outback on foot, then there is no place better than in Alice Springs. This historical station can be reached by walking trail from the city centre. Along the way you can check out the amazing botanical gardens and come across such wildlife as wallabies and an incredible selection of rare birds.

Reptile Centre

You may not wish to come across a venomous snake on your hike in the Outback, but you can certainly relish seeing one safe behind the glass at the Reptile Centre in Alice Springs. The selection here is simply stunning, featuring brown snakes and death adders plus massive deadly taipans and goannas. Other rare and wondrous reptiles on display include lizards, thorny devils, and of course Terry the saltwater crocodile.

Camel Train Tour

Could there be a more appropriate way of experiencing the desert than on the back of a camel? This is the traditional method of desert exploration has been in effect for centuries, and you can experience the sensation for yourself on your visit to Alice Springs. There are a number of tours in the area that feature day long and half day long guided camel adventures in the desert, plus sunset rides that will truly allow you to witness the splendour and beauty of the high desert.

Four Wheel Drive

One of the best ways to explore the nearby West MacDonnell ranges is by all terrain vehicle, and there are a number of services offering 4WD adventures in the region. With these tours you can explore Simpsons Gap, Desert park, Standly Chasm and many other famous and majestic sights in the region. These are professional tours offering high end modern vehicles and guides, so you can kick back and enjoy the journey with no worries for getting lost or injured.

Larapinta Trail

Hikers will rejoice to know that the Larapinta Trail is within easy access from Alice Springs. This incredibly scenic and challenging hike takes in the unbelievable Outback region near the Finke River, the sweeping vistas of the West MacDonnell Ranges, and a number of swimming holes to stop and cool off in. There is a wide selection of wildlife that you will come into contact with as well, ranging from extremely rare birds to black footed wallabies.

Bike Trails

After spending many days driving in a camper hire, it will come as a major relief to be able to get on a mountain bike and zoom over some of the absolute best bike trails to be found in the world. The ranges within the Alice Springs area cover many miles of rocky ground and offer incredible views, challenging sections, and overall just an incredibly unique way to see the Outback. For any bike enthusiast, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the trails in Alice Springs.

Bird Watching In Alice Springs Desert Park

It’s no secret that Alice Springs is a birdwatcher’s ultimate paradise. From cockatoos to pied butchers, this region encompasses well over 150 species that cannot be found anywhere else. Alice Springs Desert park is the centre of the action, with many hundreds of birdwatchers traveling from all over the world each year to witness the region’s birds.

The Australian Outback has long been a calling card for travelers and backpackers, and with Alice Springs you have the perfect spot to hit in your camper hire to stay right at the gates to this wondrous and legendary region. Featuring access to the Outback plus great food and activities, Alice Springs is an absolute must for central Australian travel.