Travel & Experiences

When you are a tourist in a foreign city or even a local in the town you grew up in, sometimes it’s nice to stop and think about the different ways you can take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings, or simply how to get from A to B in a new and novel fashion. It’s not always about just using your own car or public transport, or getting a lift with a friend. You can extend your thinking to bigger and better, splashing out now and then on something new and fresh, with or without others along for the proverbial and literal ride.


Making use of luxury car hire Sydney and other parts of Australia like Canberra, Melbourne, Darwin and Geelong have on their books is a good, new way of taking in the city. If you have a look around, you might see that this is not as infrequent as you might think. A lot more people are doing this than previously, riding in style to their destination of choice for the day. Some of them are even on extended deals, whereby the car hire takes them to and from where they want to go to and get from on a weekly or even monthly basis. This kind of service is not necessarily reserved for the richest of the rich. There are offerings out there that can serve even the leanest of bank balances and pockets.

Going forward

Literally and figuratively, going forward is going to be a breeze when using this sort of option. You won’t have to be responsible for navigating your way through traffic, fixing car problems, putting gas in the tank or looking after the insurance premiums each month. Somebody else, the person you hired or the company you employed, will be on top of this – and you will be left to think about and plan for the things that really matter to you.


As exclusive as such an arrangement can be, it can also be changed to incorporate someone else, whereby you do a really special kind of lift club, welcoming others – you know or not – into the car hire service. They could help you cover the cost or pay you back in another fashion that suits the both of you. It’s not quite the orthodox way, but it works in a lot of cases around the world, particularly within the bigger cities. Consider this carefully, thinking about how much alone time you need in the car while catching up on e-communication and phone calls.


Tipping your car driver can be up for debate, but if you have the means, then do so. They might be a good conversationalist or particularly solid at listening to instruction and finding short cuts around the roads. Then, they deserve something extra, above and beyond the rate they are paid by the company that they work for. You can even ask them about the expected percentage and trust an honest answer will be returned.