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Of course, beach time and lounging by the poolside are also part of your holiday in Phuket, but the main goal is to be outdoors, undertaking activities, keeping fit and seeing the beauty of Phuket Island. Here are some ideas for your healthy and active holiday in Phuket:

1. Cycling through Phuket’s gorgeous countryside

The best way of seeing the beautiful countryside of Phuket is with a cycling tour, passing traditional Thai villages, palm and rubber plantations. Surrounded by nothing but nature and with the wind in your hair, you are up for a lovely, healthy, active day out. Amazing Bike Tours offers a perfect half-day countryside cycling doors with a stop at Gibbon Rehabilitation Center. In the morning you’ll be picked up at your private Phuket villa. You’ll be cycling 18 kilometers on the northeast side of Phuket island.

2. Horse riding on the beach

Horse riding is another amazing experience, especially on the gorgeous white sandy beaches of Phuket. You can go for an early morning horseback ride or enjoy a sunset ride in the afternoon. From beginners to advanced, the Phuket International Horse Club has got the perfect horse for you. Nothing lovelier than being out under the sun, horse riding through beautiful sceneries, next to the sea. It certainly has a romance to it!

3. Spa time

After cycling or horseback riding, surely your muscles will be a bit sore - time to hit the spa and get one of the traditional Thai Massages to loosen up those muscles and getting out all of the tension. Massage is deeply entwined with the Thai culture, working with stretching and pressure points all over your body. There are spas and massage places everywhere. You can even opt for a pampering spa package of a couple of hours. Think of traditional Thai- and oil massages, cream baths, manicures, pedicures, facials and flower baths. Ahh, such bliss!

4. Cooking class

Surely you can’t get enough of the delicious Thai Food - a cuisine of rich flavors with healthy spices, herbs, veggies, meat and seafood. By following a cooking class, you’ll learn to cook according to traditional Thai recipes, so you can bring back home something of true value: secrets, knowledge and experience of authentic Thai cooking. On top of that, cooking Thai food at home will bring back the scents, flavors and memories of your island stay, too. Since you’re on a healthy island getaway, why not make it an organic cooking Thai class?


5. Scuba Diving

Diving in the crystal clear waters of the Andaman sea is the cherry on top of the cake while holidaying in Phuket. You can go on a diving trip to Phi Phi Island or the Racha islands, thrilling both beginning and advanced divers. Phuket is also a great place to get your PADI. The underwater life is amazing with gorgeous coral gardens and fish in all colors of the rainbow. Go explore!


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Planning for a healthy, active holiday in Phuket

Of course, beach time and lounging by the poolside are also part of your holiday in Phuket, but the main goal is to be outdoors, undertaking activities, keeping fit and seeing the beauty of Phuket Island. Here are some idea...

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