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For anyone on a motorhome hire new zealand journey, it has long been known that Christchurch is a must-do. This laid back and incredibly scenic city is one of the greenest and most well-planned urban centers in the world and also boasts a wide range of activities, cultural interests, and shopping and eating. Speaking of eats, it is without a doubt that Christchurch is a foodie heaven, offering an incredible selection of dishes. It is this variety that makes Christchurch one of the top places for enjoying food in the entire country. This is a bustling, young city with lots of hip eateries popping up each week, keeping the selections fresh and the options many. If you’re planning a well-advised stop in Christchurch on your journey, check out these current top spots to eat.


Strawberry Fare


If it’s fresh and organic that you’re after, then at Strawberry Fare you will find the absolutely freshest and most organic plates in the entire city. The chefs here are known to be wizards with these dishes and take care to cater each plate to the individual tastes of the customer. No matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner you can be assured you will find something within this chic establishment that will satisfy your tastes. The interior is modern and unfussy and the wait staff fully professional and dedicated to your satisfaction. Strawberry Fare is fast becoming one of the highest rated restaurants in the city and comes highly recommended by recent travelers.


The Old Vicarage


Right in the Halswell section you will find the ancient villa that houses the Old Vicarage. This stately establishment has a number of elegant dining rooms that are old fashioned but not pretentious. The plates are unbelievable, with the mussel chowder, smoked fish, and pork belly being lauded by customers over the years. The bar is also well-stocked, and the drink list at the Old Vic is legendary for its deep selection of standard and unusual drinks, not to mention a deep wine list that will satisfy even the most discerning wine enthusiasts.


Gustav’s Kitchen & Wine Bar

Speaking of wine, over at Gustav’s you will find one of the largest wine lists in the entire country. Try one of the unique New Zealand brands or from anywhere else in the world and relax in this laid back and stylish establishment that features live jazz bands on most nights. The food is unique and delicious as well, with three course cuisines that are sure to satisfy any customer no matter their fine food preferences. There is no better way to recharge during a motorhome hire new zealand journey that to sit down to a fine meal and delicious wines, and at Gustav’s you will find just that.




This section of New Zealand has a large Greek population, and this is a benefit for travelers due to the unbelievably terrific traditional foods. At Costas you are guaranteed a delicious Greek plate since the head chef personally inspects and approves each plate before it reaches your table. To be sure, this is some of the best Greek food to be served anywhere in the country, possibly even the world, so if you’re a fan of Greek cuisine then this is an absolute must. Even if you’ve never had this rich and unique type of food and are curious, the wait staff here are very helpful and informative.




There are also a wide range of Japanese eateries spread out across Christchurch. One of the best of these is Kinji, a small and stylish establishment long known as one of the city’s top Japanese restaurants. Here you will rich wasabi, sashimi, and more exotic dishes such as octopus, all served in a tapas style that allows everyone at the table to enjoy each plate. Of course Japan is known for its sushi, and Kinji certainly doesn’t disappoint in this area, offering up specialized rolls of the kind you just can’t procure in a non-traditional Japanese setting. Wash it all down with a wide variety of sake drinks and enjoy a pleasant, nourishing meal in one of the most coveted dining environments in the city.


Christchurch is a thriving, hip city that is constantly producing amazing restaurants at a fast rate. You will want to do your research since there are so many to choose from, including new and just-opened restaurants. This list will act as your starting point, but keep in mind that depending on your taste there is an incredible range of options on any night of the week. For anyone on a motorhome hire new zealand trip that takes in the scenic Christchurch, then rest assured you will be staying in one of the top cities for eats anywhere in New Zealand. So get your campervan hire from Christchurch and enjoy.


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