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Whether you’re happily coupled up or a perpetual singleton, Valentine’s Day should be as much about celebrating self-love as it is about showering another person with gifts. Instead of stressing out over the perfect present for your partner, why not focus on how you can practice self-love this Valentine’s Day? After all, your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ve got. Use these ideas to celebrate yourself.

Have a date night for one.

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you might be tempted to wallow in self-pity with a pint of ice cream for the evening. Resist the urge and do something special for yourself instead. Cook up a tasty meal from your favourite recipe, buy wines online so you have a tasty glass of wine to enjoy with your meal, and light some candles to set a relaxing mood for your own special night. If a date for one sounds too lonely, invite some of your best friends over for a singleton celebration dinner.

Pick out some beautiful flowers.

There’s no rule that says somebody else has to buy you flowers on Valentine’s Day. Head to the florists and pick out the most beautiful bouquet you can find for your home. Set them up in your living room and see how they bring the whole space to life.

Book yourself a pampering treat.

There’s nothing more relaxing than heading to a spa and letting someone massage you into oblivion for an hour or so. Adjust your February budget so you can afford it, and pick out the treatment that you need the most. Whether you want to get a quick manicure or need a full-on spa experience, treat yourself rather than waiting for the perfect moment.

Have breakfast in bed.

If you have some time in the morning to spare, set up a tasty breakfast in bed to enjoy on Valentine’s morning. Make your favourite breakfast food, whether that’s a healthy fruit and yoghurt parfait or a huge fry-up, prop yourself up on your pillow, and enjoy. If you don’t feel like getting up to cook at that time, prep a big bowl of overnight oats the night before, throw on some fruit when you wake, and give yourself the healthy start to the day that you deserve.

Take yourself shopping.

Why wait for someone else to give you an excuse to go shopping? If you’ve got a little extra cash spare after being so good with your money all through January, take yourself out on Valentine’s Day and pick out a new outfit that makes you feel gorgeous.

Take the ultimate bubble bath.

This isn’t the type of bath you’re going to want to hop in and out of in minutes. We’re talking about an hour-long soak with scented oils, relaxing candles, and plenty of bubbles. Get some music on to set the mood and lie in peace for as long as you want. You’ve definitely earned it.

Give your skin a revamp.

The summer months can wreak havoc on your skin, so give it some much-needed rejuvenation with a high-quality mask. Shop for a cream or mask that suits your skin type and treat yourself to a soft, healthy new complexion.