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It may be hard to keep up with the upkeep of your hair and skin on a busy work schedule, especially if you are a mum, having to prioritise your children first before your own. By the time you look at your watch the end of the day has come and you had promised yourself that you will catch up on those daily hair and skin regimes for the next day. Learning simple though effective steps to maintenance of the hair and skin will help you feel great on the inside & out, in addition to gaining extra energy to keep up with your daily work cycle. 
Drink plenty of water: this step is a given, and may come across as obvious although if you don't keep up with your daily water intake, it will slow down your hair, skin & nail production and cause additional tension with all your vitality and blood circulation. 
Brush your hair everyday: using a specialised long or short hair detangling bristle brush, this will enhance healthy blood flow, prevent tangles, hair breakage and dryness and spread out your natural oil secretion down to your ends. This creates extra protein to harmoniously flow from your roots to tips.  
Eat right: healthy veggies, oils, grains, nuts and fruits help with great hair and skin maintenance. It aids in removing toxins, leaves your liver and bowels nice and cleansed which leaves very healthy hair and skin. Beauty is all from within. Once you apply the right daily balance on the inside, it will be a lot easier to see better results and low maintenance on the outside. 
Choose your care products correctly: many products from the supermarket, chemist and corner store are full of cheap ingredients for your hair and skin which may cause more bad than good in the long run. It's best to remove all products from your shelf which includes any source of paraben, sulfate, sulphites and alcohol. 
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