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Its obvious that us ladies try to balance out hair ourselves, without the useful simple education of how to truly maintain healthy ends! Regardless of  what season of the year it is, we all seem to find out hair can be dry and unruly at times, our hair could possibly resemble a dry tree branch, brittle and breaking;  the very tips of the hair could look slightly lighter and more fragile, which may be unbearable to some as we may often not understand the simple ways to aid in this scenario. good news is, you can maintain your ideal looks if you bring your hair back to basics and start simple and natural with your hair. Avoiding harsh chemicals, artificial hair styling tools like the ghd, over drying with the hairdryer, air conditioning and playing with your hair the wrong way can all lead to the same consequence: damaged ends! Here are some simple, natural ways to replenish your hair, giving it more life and feeling comfortable with your hair for everyday!


Get back to natural! : the ghd, irons, curlers and over drying the hair with the hairdryer can dry out, burn and even snap off your hair! Give your hair a break with a smoothing brush, a long hair bristle brush, hair de-tangler and for those with very unruly curly hair, some good salon quality smoothing cream and serums to manage frizz. Take the initiative to talk to your local hairstylist about learning easy effective ways of styling without everyday “quick fixes” Feature hair boutique offer a great package deal of $50 for an in depth learn to “do it yourself hair blow-drying and styling” for better quality everyday hair!


Your hair reveals what you consume! : eating right and your surroundings are vital for good healthy soft hair. Its evident that smokers are prone to dry, frizzy unfortunately dehydrated hair.  once you maintain a healthy hair skin and nail diet (speak to your local professional dietician or nutritionist to personalise your diet) you will develop a healthy balance in hair skin and nails. Surround yourself with less air-conditioning, eating healthy nutritious food & you will notice the balance in the production of hair skin and nail growth thus noticing resistant smooth hair! Reducing the risk of dry ends and your hair will become stronger due to the right natural supplements and nutrients in your body. And lots of water and natural oil consumption and application will aid in balancing away toxins!


Choose Quality over quantity: Purchasing hair products which are rich in botanical, organic nutrients are very important for your hair. this does not mean your local supermarket and pharmacy. Speak to your local professional hairdresser will educate you on the ingredients used in supermarket brands and salon brands.  Essential hair oils which are pure in vitamins and healthy ingredients are potent, though last a long time in your hair and in the bottle! There’s a reason why supermarket brands are only $4-10 each, due to the very poor quality ingredients being chosen to fill up the bottles! Think of these products like fast food products that we eat, cheap to buy, quick fix, and in the long run, it does severe damage. always stick to quality. Once you purchase the right hair treatments, serums, shampoo and conditioner which is prescribed for your hair type and lifestyle, you will see results at a faster rate!


Treat your ends with care! : Regular hair trims will reduce breakage instantly! Comb your hair in the shower using a basin brush when your hair has either leave in treatment or your treatment conditioner.  Purchase a soft long hair or short hair bristle brush and comb your hair daily using a soft oil to heal away breakage. Blow dry your hair with the correct bristle brush, something that is delicate and softening for damaged hair (macadamia brand has their own treatment brushes which is infused with macadamia oil every time you blow dry your hair you gain a split end treatment! RRP $35)

On dry hair, never tear through your tangles, this will cause long term breakage: try use a tangle teaser with an oil or serum (make sure you apply small amount of serum on ends only to prevent oily texture).


Silk or satin pillowcase: This will allow your hair to smoothly slide around the pillow during the night, without waking up with unruly “Bed Hair!” this causes breakage and roughness/weakness on the ends as a cotton pillowcase does as it is more roughly textured. Not only is this healthy for your hair, but for your skin too!


Get natural hair moisture treatments: natural hair remedies which can build protein and add a smooth surface texture. Add some egg yolk in your hair, wrap in glad wrap for 20mins then rinse. Or add honey to your ends, wrap in glad wrap for 30mins then rinse. Or go to your professional salon for a quick moisture therapy treatment. If you do this every fortnight, you will see results and feel longer smoother hair!


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