Health & Wellness

Feature hair boutique is offering a very special service. With over 13 years’ experience in making their loyal clients feel at home, pampered, comfortable and great about themselves, the latest offer is quite special!

Every Tuesday Feature hair is offering a unique service of a full head of foils, lowlights, ombre or balayage to create the soft ombre finish. Using the latest products on the market to create timeless soft voluptuous and smoother hair, feature hair boutique takes pride in the application of colour, cutting designs, styling and voluptuous blow-drying. This offer includes a complimentary healing collagen hair treatment along with your ombre colour technique, base colour, toner, intensifying hair treatment, colour saver, style cut and long lasting blowdry. Your treatment will softly blend additional hydration into the hair to create longer lasting shine and smoother hair!

The ombre look has captivated the Australian public as it has spread from Paris Fashion Week, through Europe and is an iconic natural technique and finish to give a softening framing look without damaging the hair or looking unnatural.

This special offer is for only $150

-           which is usually worth over $359!

Walk out of feature Hair Boutique feeling a million dollars for a fraction of the retail price!

This offer is only limited to Tuesdays only. Sydney location. Book today! On 0450039184 – please visit for more information