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When you go to buy a baseball cap, there are many options to choose from. There is the style of the hat, the type of hat, whether or not it has graphics and the type of closure it has. The type of closure that is available for your hat can be affected by the style and type of hat that you choose. A closure is a system on the back of adjustable caps that allows you to adjust the size.

There are four main closure types. Your choices are between snapback, fitted, flex, and strapbacks.

Fitted hats have been around since the 50’s. They started off being used by the professional baseball teams. Their popularity has bounced up and down over the years. A fitted hat is not adjustable. Since it is fitted to your head size, it doesn’t have a closure.  To really enjoy a fitted hat you need to have your head measured. A properly fitted hat feels like it is being worn instead of feeling like it is just sitting on your head. Fitted hats only look good when you wear the right size. Fitted hats are not for people that regularly wear their hair differently. Hairstyles affect the thickness of your hair, therefore affects the fit of the hat.

Flex fit hats are made from a poly-weave spandex and stretch to fit. They are one size fits most. Flex hats are not adjustable. They are a good choice for someone who wants a fitted look but has a situation that makes them need multiple sizes. Another reason for a flex fit hat is when you are getting a baseball cap for someone whose head size you don’t know.

Snapbacks use a plastic strip with plastic  snaps as a closure. This plastic strap is used to adjust the diameter of the hat. The snapbacks style can generally be found on truckers, baseball, and old school Starter style hats. Snapbacks are a good starter has style.

Strapbacks are similar to snapbacks. Strapbacks use an adjustable leather or poly band to adjust the head diameter. The strap has a max length and is often held together by a metal clasp. Strapbacks are considered a better quality than the snapbacks.  

A lot more goes into choosing the right closure for your hat than just picking a type that you feel you want. You must look at the quality of the hat, what closures are available for the graphics you want, the durability, and how the hat feels on you. It doesn’t matter how much you want a fitted hat if they don’t make the style you want with a fitted closure you can’t get one. If you can find the hat you want with the closure you want, then you must test the feel of the hat. You may think a particular style is what we want only to find out that when we wear it that it doesn’t feel comfortable.

There is another factor that may not apply to everyone and that is cost. Baseball hats run the spectrum from cheap and affordable to very expensive. A good way to help with the cost is by doing an online search for discounts. There are websites, such as, that have all the coupons and discount codes that various merchants have to offer., one of the leading baseball hat merchants uses Once all criteria is met, you will have the best baseball hat you have ever owned.