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  • Written by News Feature Team
Very few people are happy with the money that they earn. There are only a handful of people out there who think that what they bring home is enough. And most of those satisfied people are ones who work for themselves. Because the truth is that even if you do earn enough, you are still dependant on that salary to make ends meet and still be eating come the end of the month. So if you want a greater degree of independence then you need to start side hustling. It’s perfectly respectable and it has some serious advantages – it brings you additional income, it lessons your dependence on your salary and it allows you to follow a passion or explore other opportunities that might not exist in your current job. Here are some ideas of how to hustle and what to do.

Go Online

The online retail space is such a simple one. It doesn’t require you to hold much stock. Websites come with payment plug-ins and purchasing online is becoming increasingly de rigour. So ask yourself what sort of shop suits your passions. Perhaps you want to sell second hand vinyl records. Or take your long-held dream of a fashion boutique online. Or maybe you want to sell sexy knickers. What you sell is less important than the fact that you settle on something. Make sure it’s small enough to be manageable, interesting enough to appeal to potential customers, and that it has enough of you about it to keep you interested.

Make Music

How many of us spent hours playing instruments or in choir practice as youngsters. We got quite good at it as well. Perhaps the modern practicalities of a degree in accountancy trumped the romantic notion of a degree in music, but that doesn’t mean that those skills should not still be getting put to good use. Find some mates and start a string quartet or a band. There are more people out there than you know who are willing to pay for gigs. Weddings, entertainment at shopping centres or even busking: while none of these are on the par with the once held dream of stadium concerts and singing backing vocals for U2, they are still good honest ways of supplementing your income and freeing up some spare cash.


If you have skills as a writer and you are not using them, then you are wasting a valuable resource. A solid vocabulary and a degree of resourcefulness and you should find yourself with plenty of work for your spare time. As a writer you should think freelance, blogging, translation work, editing or transcription from audio. The opportunities are endless, the money is often quite good and there are countless apps and websites that help you find work.

The key with starting to side-hustle is to remember that it is a side-hustle not a main hustle. The idea is not to replace your salary immediately, it is to spread the risk of having all your income come from one source and to provide you with some additional cash for spending – and let’s face it, who doesn’t need a little bit of extra spending money?