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Facial hair defines a look. An average suit transforms into James Bond level sophistication with the right trim of a beard or mustache. To make your friends envious of your facial hair, treat it with care and respect. A typical top-of-the-line razor costs between $10 and $50, and an additional $10 or $20 every time you replace the blades. Shaving products can quickly become an expensive necessity for many men.

Before you spend a small fortune on shaving products, let our tips help you save on your next razor purchase.

Tip #1-Preserve the Razor’s Shelf life

Shaving experts and enthusiasts all have their own special ways to extend the life of their razor. One easy trick that many of them use, and you can too, is the jeans trick.  Find a simple pair of denim jeans, rub the razor (using the opposite side of cutting) on the leg of the pants about 20 times. For visual instructions, use Youtube tutorials on how to sharpen a razor blade with jeans. This technique makes the blade last a few extra weeks.

Be thorough when cleaning your razor: remove any leftover water because it can cause rust. Repurpose an old toothbrush as a cleaning tool to get rid of the grime and hair follicles. Finish the cleaning process by using a fan or blow dryer to remove all water.

Tip #2-Get Samples

Most free samples are found on a company’s official website, an affiliate’s site, or at major drugstores. Become part of the mailing list of your favorite razor brand (e.g Gillette, Edge, Fusion, etc.). Make this your first source for free sample razors, because brands often offer free samples of their newest products in exchange for feedback. These are usually their more expensive products, so they end up being pricey to replace, but worth it as a one time free opportunity.

Your second option is to find a trusted sample or coupon site: They provide direct links to free giveaways and a list of websites to check for them.  Follow the sample site’s major social media pages for real-time updates on offers. These offers usually have a limited amount available, so click these links as soon as they’re posted.

The third option is to check the coupon sections of Walmart, Walgreen, and Target. These major retailers often offer weekly discounts or sample products. Make it a habit to check their weekly deal or coupon sections.

Another option is to become a product tester, via sites like Bzzagent. These sites often place you in a campaign (based on surveys or profile) where you test a product, give a review, share that review to social media, and fill out a final survey. This is a good way to get free samples of an assortment of common household and grooming products.

Tip #3-Join a Shaving Club

Shaving clubs are subscription services that send razors and shaving products for a small monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee. These clubs offer a convenient and affordable solution to your shaving needs. Harry’s is one of the most popular shaving clubs, it offers razors for the low price of about $2. These subscription boxes can be delivered anywhere between one month to six months, and you have blade options that come in four counts (four, eight, and 16).

Besides providing premium quality razors for a very low price, Harry’s also offers coupons through Groupon. This means you can save even more money with Harry’s razors coupon.

Tip #4-Shave Less

Embrace the more rugged look by shaving less. Instead of shaving every day, try only shaving once a week, or grow out a full beard. The less you shave, the longer your razors last.