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You may have a loved one in your family or a special someone who loves the outdoors. Whether it’s family or a friend, you may be curious about what the best outdoor gifts are for the enthusiast who always loves their activities in nature as they travel in a campervan hire Australia.


First of all, if the person you want to get a gift for is traveling in a campervan hire Australia, you can expect them to be a die-hard individual. This probably means that you don’t want to just buy any gift for them. You want to get something that you know that they will use. Am I right?


Yet, if you aren’t familiar with outdoor fun or gear, you could be at a lost for what kind of item could work for them. To help you out, here are some of our favorite gifts for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to stay on top of their game:

  • *  A solar power charger: Sure, you may want to be off-the-grid, but do you want to be so off-the-grid that you can’t call for help when needed? Probably not. To avoid situations where you can’t get help if you need it, a solar power charger comes in handy. They don’t need anything but the sun to keep them going, making them extremely useful. They can save you from trouble and also allow you to use other special gadgets that will make your outdoor adventures safe and easy.

  • An inflatable solar lantern: Are you seeing the theme? Solar power is so useful as you don’t have to depend on any man-made device to stay on top of your needs. You may need a lantern on a multi-day hike. What if you forget the batteries for your flashlight? Or they run out? An inflatable solar lantern is not only easy-to-pack, but it is also highly reliable, especially when you get plenty of sunny days.

  • A double camping hammock: If you want to take naps along the way, a lightweight hammock like a double camping hammock is bound to provide you with the comfort needed, especially if there are two of you. While you may want to bring a tent for safe camping when hiking for a lengthy amount of time, a hammock is a great alternative for a night or two spent in the outdoors.

  • A kindle: Okay, so at first you may wonder why this would be on the outdoor enthusiast’s list. If you’re also an avid reader, what could be better than bringing a book to read on your outdoor adventure to rest and relax after a long day of hiking? Also, books are heavy. Kindles are not. With the solar power charger, you can always keep it charged for days and days of good reading. For the person who loves solo-adventure, a kindle is the ideal gift to keep them company as they go.

  • A lightweight down blanket: There are plenty of outdoor blankets designed to keep you warm at night, without taking up too much room in your backpack. A down blanket is great for those cool nights when you want to stay cozy and comfy, with your kindle in hand. It can be a great addition to use with your sleeping bag, so that you make sure that when temperatures drop, you’re taken care of.

  • A portable shower: What? Yes, you heard right. There are portable showers that you can use to stay fresh and clean while hiking for many days. Super lightweight and able to provide you with up to 7 minutes of showers, portable showers are a great addition to any outdoor person’s belongings. Make sure to bring environmentally liquid to wash with, so you don’t harm the environment in the destination that you’ll be visiting.

  • A really good backpack: While your friend that you’re buying the gift for most likely has a good backpack, what if you bought them a great one? Hiking backpacks can be pricey and they do experience wear and tear, so getting your friend a new one can put a huge smile on their face and keep them enjoying their favorite pastime. From options that include an integrated water compartment to others that are durable and reliable, there are plenty of great backpacks to choose from on the market.

In Conclusion

There are so many great gadgets and items for people who love being in the outdoors. From backpacks to technological items, you can choose from all types of things for your friend or loved one.


Even better, find out what their upcoming travel plans are. If they have some great trip planned to climb a mountain in New Zealand or to travel around in a campervan hire Australia, you can buy the perfect gift for them that will make a difference in their experience.