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Tis the season to be jolly, and there’s no better way to pay tribute to the big man in charge than to take on the top 5 Santas Hollywood has churned out over the past few decades.

Without further ado, sit back, relax and sip that hot cocoa as you take on this list to give you ideas of what to watch this Christmas!


1. Tim Allen in The Santa Clause

Setting the scene with a true traditional depiction of Saint Nicholas, Tim Allen shapes what Christmas is all about (with a twist).

Sure, the storyline may be a little wacky and corny considering the Santa suit brings on a curse of doing the deed of being Santa on Christmas, but the humour and warmth that comes along with Hollywood’s most jolly Santa Claus will create the perfect setting for this coming Christmas.

Oh, and The Santa Clause definitely falls under what we’d call an oldie but goodie with the bonus of coming in threes (it’s a trilogy)!


2. Ed Asner in Elf

When it comes to fun and games, Will Ferrell does a great job in bringing on the laughs especially in the movie Elf.

Pairing up with Will, Ed Asner makes for one of the best Santa’s Hollywood has thrown at us. Sure, he isn’t your idea of a traditional Santa, but he definitely proves to be the sassiest of them all!

He may only play a small role as Santa in Elf, however, this big guy definitely deserves a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with a warm glass of milk. He’s generous, he’s jolly, and gives a bunch of good advice.

So take on his opinion about New York pizza or pre-chewed gum on the streets and watch a Santa with a fresh sense of sarcasm to ready you up for Christmas this year.


3. Edward Ivory in The Nightmare Before Christmas

In an animated take on Santa, Edward Ivory’s depiction of Sandy Claws has known time and time again to make it as one of Christmas time’s most favourite movies to watch (especially with the kids).

The fascinating trials and tribulations Santa experiences in this animated masterpiece will bring Christmas cheer to all.


4. Tom Hanks in The Polar Express

With one of the legendary actors of Hollywood playing almost every role in this movie, Tom Hanks does a commendable job in bringing Father Christmas to life.

So if you’re looking for a whole lot of Christmas magic and wonder that will enchant you to your very core, Tom Hank’s Santa is certainly a one of a kind. This is the kind of Christmas movie you want kids to watch to solidify their vision of what a magical figure Father Christmas truly is.

Well done Tom Hanks, you’ve done it again!


5. Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa

Acting as one of the biggest hits Hollywood has churned out when casting the role of Santa, Billy Bob certainly does throw the red suit a big punch in a bad, bad way. The storyline serves a great reminder about stranger danger even when it comes to mall Santas.

Full of attitude and all the wrong moves, Bad Santa will definitely have you filled with laughter, joy and a final sense of Christmas cheer that ends up with you feeling jolly, fuzzy and all smiles this season.

This movie is definitely one for the grown-ups being a little too naughty for kids.


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