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How Do We Find Loans for People With Bad Credit?

If you’ve got bad credit, you might feel like you’re never going to be able to get a loan. Don’t panic though, there are plenty of ways to find loans for people with bad credit.Whatever the reasons behind your bad credit, you can find the right lenders for you. Many lenders understand that it’s often not your fault, or that the reasons for your bad credit may have been beyond your financial control. Getting a loan with bad credit certainly isn’t impossible.

Top tips for finding loans for people with bad credit

Figure out your situation, right now

When helping people to find loans with bad credit, we always recommend that you make sure your credit is in the best possible state. Think about your finances right now. If you’re currently declared bankrupt, you’re unlikely to be able to find a loan. But if you’re recently discharged from bankruptcy or you have managed to keep on track with your finances for the last few months, you’ll be in a better place to apply for a loan.

Check your credit score

Did you know that it’s free and easy to check your credit score? It’s really useful to do this on a regular basis so that you know exactly where you stand if you’re thinking of taking out a loan.You need to check your credit file for any mistakes or inaccurate details and if you find these, request for these to be changed before you start applying for loans with bad credit.

Find the right lender

This is essential as it could save you lots of time and rejections on loan applications. If you have bad credit, many of the bigger lending institutions especially the main banks, could reject your application simply due to your credit rating.Finding a lender who specialises in working with people with bad credit will help to save you time, money and stress. They’ll be able to advise you on the best move for your situation.

Stay stable

Before you apply for a loan with bad credit, you want to make sure that you present yourself as stable as possible. Documents that can prove useful when applying for loans with bad credit include:

  • *  Evidence of regular payslips

  • *  Proof of income to your bank account

  • *  Evidence of a stable address

  • *  Proof of residency in Australia


Ask for expert help

Whatever the reasons for your bad credit and whatever your situation, there will be people who can help you. It’s really worth asking for expert help on anything you’re unsure about – from budgeting to choosing the right loan for you.

Expert help means that you’ll have the peace of mind you’re making the right decisions and are far more likely to save yourself both time and money.